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Receipt of Signature Declarations in digital environment and announcement of MERSIS Authorization Acceptance Procedures Module With the cooperation of the Ministry of Commerce and TOBB, the practice of digitally obtaining signature data in Trade Registry transactions is being implemented. As it is known, in Article 40 of the Turkish Commercial Code No. 6102, it is regulated that the signature declarations of the persons authorized to sign on behalf of the company/enterprise are obtained electronically from the data kept in the databases by the public institutions and organizations and recorded in the trade registry file, so that they are currently physically registered. It is aimed to transfer the signature statement, which should be given to the trade registry directorates, to the electronic environment. Integration studies carried out in this context with the General Directorate of Population and Citizenship Affairs (NVI) of the Ministry of Interior have been completed. In this case; Signature samples of people who are authorized with the new identity card can be taken from NVI electronically and recorded in the MERSIS database. Physical signature statements are not required. However, there has been no change in practice for those with old identity cards and foreigners, and physical signature declarations will continue to be received. In addition, the "Authorization Transactions" module was created in MERSIS in order to carry out the authorization acceptance procedures of the persons authorized to sign on behalf of the company/enterprise. Authorization acceptance procedures belong to individuals; It has to be done with e-government, e-signature and mobile signature entries. The said application has been processed in all Trade Registry Offices across the country as of 01.03.2022. Thus, it will be ensured that the speed of trade registry service is increased and the service quality is increased. It is possible to access the help documents for new applications by following the "User Manual - Digital Signature Declaration Transactions" steps on the MERSIS home page or by following the "Help - Videos - Digital Signature Transactions" steps in the upper right part after logging in to MERSIS. . It is announced with respect to our members. Acıpayam Trade Registry Office